Verona Showers

Bathroom Remodeling with Distinctive Groutless Walls and Floors

Verona Showers Mrable Walls and Floors

[img src=]Verona shower walls in Perlato Royal
[img src=]Verona Showers Tub Deck and Marble Floors
[img src=]Verona Showers Master Bath in Perlato Royal and Napoleon Brown
[img src=]Verona Showers Tub Deck in Napoleon Brown
[img src=]Verona Showers marble walls and custom-made MarbaFloor
[img src=]Verona Shower walls in Perlato Royal and Glass Accent
[img src=]Verona Showers Tub Deck, Riser, Floor, and Baseboard
[img src=]Verona Showers Vanity Top in Napoleon Brown
[img src=]Master Bath in Verona Showers Marble Surfaces
[img src=]Verona Showers Vanity Top with Ogee Edge
[img src=]Verona Showers Marble Wall and Shower Seat
[img src=]Verona Showers
Are you tired of cleaning tiles and grouts on your shower walls and floors? Have you ever dreamed of having a luxurious bathroom with grout-free solid stone walls and floors, that requires low maintenance and yet affordable? Verona Showers, exclusively made by Euro Stone Craft in natural stone, and by Cosentino in Silestone quartz, will help you create your dream bath, and remodel it with beautiful groutless walls and floors. Bathroom Remodeling using Verona Showers groutless stone products is simple and can be installed by most qualified remodeling contractors. Whether you are remodeling the entire bathroom, installing a new shower pan, converting your tub to a shower, or simply replacing a bath tub or shower, Verona Showers will provide you with a perfect solution for your bathroom remodeling project.

Bathroom Remodeling with Verona Showers

Verona Showers

Verona Showers groutless walls, floors, and custom vanity sinks, made from natural and engineered stone add lasting beauty and value to your home. Verona Showers grout-less design makes cleaning and maintenance of your bath effortless. No more mold or mildew to get trapped in the grout lines. Verona Showers™ and Baths are custom manufactured by Euro Stone Craft in our factory in Northern Virginia. Verona Showers™ marble walls and floors are available through a network of authorized kitchen and bath dealers and certified bathroom remodelers throughout Virginia, DC, and Maryland. Verona Showers™ products include stone shower pans (MarbaFloor™), walls, tub decks and surrounds, and custom vanity tops. Our exclusive shower pan, MarbaFloor, is made of solid 2 1/2″ thick marble, quartz, or soapstone. It is carved out and sloped towards the designated drain, using our advanced programming and sophisticated CNC machinery. The exposed surfaces are then polished and treated with our proprietary anti-slippery application. MarbaFloor is attractive, grout-free, and will not leak. All Verona Showers are custom designed to fit into any space, layout, or drain location, making Bathroom Remodeling a breeze . Verona Showers walls and floors possess sophisticated design, elegance, and ease of maintenance. 

Verona Showers products are available in extensive selection of stone colors and material, including granite, marble, soapstone, quartz, and ultracompact surfaces. . Verona Showers products are available in stone surfaces by Silestone, Cambria, Caesarstone,  Zodiaq , Q Premium, Dekton, Neolith, SlimSlab, and many others. Verona Showers will create any style and bath décor your imagination and creativity allows. Let your imagination go wild when you design your ultimate bathroom remodel! Let Euro Stone Craft design and personalize your dream shower and bath today.


Marble Shower Floor

Exclusive MarbaFloor being manufactured using state-of-the-art CNC Machinery

Bath Remodeling

Verona Showers, marble walls, floors, tub deck, and vanity top

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