Geos Recycled Glass Countertops

Geos Recycled Glass Countertop Colors

Geos Colors

[img src=]Geos Juneau
[img src=]Geos Fairfax
[img src=]Geos Marina
[img src=]Geos Lake Shell
[img src=]Geos Kona
[img src=]Geos Ocean Shell
[img src=]Geos Marina Black
[img src=]Geos White Birch
[img src=]Geos Coffee Kona
[img src=]Geos Asheville
[img src=]Geos Aspen
[img src=]Geos Wheat
[img src=]Geos Amber Coast
[img src=]Geos Red Rocks
[img src=]Geos Rincon
[img src=]Geos St. Lawrence
[img src=]Geos Avalon
[img src=]Geos Auckland
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If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly recycled glass countertop with an extensive color pallet, GEOS Recycled Glass countertops is a great choice. GEOS countertop material is made from recycled glass and a proven proprietary binder that ensures a strong and durable countertop. Geos recycled glass countertops do not contain cement and they do not require sealing and waxing. Much of their glass is sourced from recycling centers or directly from factory by-product.

Geos Recycled Glass Countertops

Geos Recycled Glass Countertop in Avalon


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