Marble and Onyx Slab Colors

Marble Slab Colors

Marble Colors

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Marble slabs come in a vanity of colors. Since Marble is made of calcium cabonate, it etches upon contact with any acidic household ingredient such as lemon juice, vinegar, wine, and many other liquids that have a high PH. Marble is also much softer and more porous than granite. It does easily scratch and stains. Therefore, marble countertops are normally not recommended for kitchen countertops, as maintenance and cleaning of marble countertops require a lot of care.

Mable Countertops and tiles add elegance and beauty to any application. The veining in Marble slabs are normally very harmonious which is not found in Granite slabs. Marble is a great choice for vanity top, shower walls , and floors. If you are looking looking for just a vanity top, you may want to consider our Marble Remnants. At Euro Stone Craft all of our remnants are properly labeled and displayed for viewing.

In the last several years, White Marble Countertops have become very popular for Kitchen Countertops. Marble Slab colors such as Calacatta Gold and White Carrara Marble are the most popular Kitchen Countertop colors.

Marble Slab Colors

Kitchen Countertops in White Marble

If you are considering Marble Kitchen Countertop, we recommend that you select a honed marble. Honed marble slabs are not polished and not shiny. Advantage of honed marble is that minor scratches and etching is not as visible as it is with polished marble countertops. We highly recommend that you make an appointment with one of our design consultants, to closely examine White Carrara slabs we have in stock and learn more about the pros and cons of Marble Counter tops. Our showroom is located in Northern Virginia and is open to public.

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