Granite Countertop Edges

Euro Stone Craft Quartz and Granite Countertop Edges

Euro Stone Craft offers more than 30 different stone countertop edge profiles. All Granite Countertop edges, as well as Marble and Quartz edges, are shaped by our precision cut  state-of-the-art CNC stone routers at our Northern Virginia factory. To create each profiles, we use more than seven kinds of CNC diamond wheels in cutting and shaping the stone. They are then hand polished by are craftsmen for ultimate finish and preparing for the final inspection. Our customer and their contractors are always welcome to visit our modern factory in Herndon, VA, and see how the granite countertop edges are made.


Granite Countertop Edges


Northwood CNC Machine used for cutting and shaping stone edges into the desired edge profile






Laminated Edge Profiles

Our granite countertop edge choices are not limited to 1 1/4" thick countertops. Euro Stone Craft specializes in creating dramatic 2 1/5" laminated edges by combining different edge profiles and laminate them together for a much thicker massive and elegant look. Below are just some of the examples of laminated edges. You could design you own laminated edge by combining other profiles.


Granite Countertop Laminated Edge Profiles


Some of the options of laminated edges



Laminated Edge Cambria Quartz Praa Sands


Laminated Edge in Cambria Praa Sands






Mitered Edge Profile

Another laminated edge that is getting increased popularity, specially in contemporary Quartz contertop edge designs, is mitered edge. With mitered edge profile, each section of the stone countertop is cut in 45 degree angle and then skillfully epoxied together. With mitered edges, the seams are almost invisible. In order to create a perfect mitered seam, it requires a precision cut machine to cut the countertops in perfect 45 degree angles, and highly skilled craftsmen to epoxy them together.

At Euro Stone Craft, making perfect mitered edge is one of our specialty and area of expertise. Some of our work could be seen at public places such as George Washington University Gelman Library in Washington DC, where we fabricated and installed Caesarstone quartz countertops in Shitake color with laminated edges. You may also visit our showroom in Northern Virginia to see Silestone Iron Ore and white Zeus with laminated mitered edges, and stylish contemporary waterfall design.


Lastly there is another edge called Chiseled Edge profile. This edge, unlike the other edges, is all done by hand, by our stone artisans.


Chiseled Edge Profile in Cambria Buckingham


Chiseled Edge shown with Cambria Buckingham