Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us for your Vanity and Kitchen Countertops?

Granite, Marble, Soapstone, and Quartz stone are one of the most visible and expensive components of many projects. Selecting the right fabricator is crucial to timely completion of your project, staying within your budget, and protecting your investment. Granite, Soapstone, and Quartz are amongst most commonly used stone for Kitchen Countertops and Island Tops. Granite Kitchen Countertops as well as Quartz Countertops such as Silestone, Cambria, Caesarstone, and Zodiaq are durable, attractive, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and heat resistant, making it ideal for Kitchen Countertops.

Stone Selection & Quality

slabAs with most other natural stone materials, such as diamond, there are different grades of granite and marble slabs. Granite, Marble and Soapstone slabs are usually available in two different grades, Premium and Commercial. Premium-grade slabs have more vibrant colors, higher quality polish, have been resin coated at the factory for porosity, and have fewer flaws. Premium slabs are considerably more expensive than Commercial-grade. Since we import most of our own slabs, we purchase only premium-grade slabs from reputable quarries around the world. We also hand select each slab from local distributors who meet our quality standards.

Our Design Consultants

Choosing the right stone for your specific application is one of the most import-
ant aspects of your long-term satisfaction and protection of your investment. Each stone has various porosity and unique characteristics that may make it not suitable for every application. All of our design consultants are knowledgeable and trained to advise you with your stone selection and profile design to meet your specific application, style and taste.

Precise Measurement

measurement_logoYour custom Fairfax granite countertop will only look its best when it is fit perfectly and the seams are placed inconspicuously at desired locations. At ESC, we use E-Template, one of the most advanced digital measurement technologies in the industry. Our experienced and trained technicians will use specially calibrated cameras and advanced software to create a precise digital template of your countertop with 1/1000” accuracy. Most of our competitors do not have digital template capability and continue to use wood strips or cardboard to create their template.

CNC Stone Machinery

cncmachineAt ESC, we have made major investments in the most advanced CNC stonecutting and profiling machinery. Our state-of-the-art Breton equipment will cut and profile the stones consistently with precision. Stones that are cut and profiled by hand are wavy and inconsistent in quality. Amongst the several hundred fabricators in the Washington DC area, there are few fabricators who own and operate CNC machinery.


Fabricating and installing a custom piece of stone is an art and a craft. Our advanced Breton CNC stone machinery will ensure precision cuts and perfect profiles, while our skilled tradesmen and artisans make the final project come alive. Our finishing touches and seaming techniques are what sets us apart from our competitors. Please visit our showroom for samples of our Herndon stone countertops.

Protection of Your Investment

Since natural stone is porous, it is recommended that a sealant be applied to the surface of the stone to help protect it against food stains. Porosity of the stone varies by the type of the natural stone and color. There are two types of sealants on the market. A typical, inexpensive sealant leaves a thin layer of film on the stone as a protective barrier. These types of sealants wear off frequently, may give the stone a cloudy appearance and can change color if exposed to direct sunlight.

At ESC, we use an Impregnator, a specially formulated sealant that penetrates into the stone below its surface and leaves the natural beauty and characteristic of the stone intact. Many other fabricators either do not use any sealant for their stone countertops or use inexpensive sealants that require annual treatments.

Environmentally Responsible

We recycle 100% of our water with advanced water treatment technologies. We do not do any dry cutting and, unlike many of our competitors, you won’t find much dust in our factory. This provides a healthier environment for our employees, as well as our clients when they visit us.

Quick Turnaround Time

Since we carry a large selection of slab inventory and our fabrication process and factory are fully automated, we are able to move most projects from template to installation in less than a week. Our 20,000 square-foot facility and advanced CNC machinery has the capacity to produce an average of 12 projects per day. Therefore, we are able to handle several large jobs without sacrificing turnaround time. This allows us to produce a large number of quality granite and marble countertops each year.

Competitive Prices

Due to our buying power and ability to import our own slabs, we are able to pass the savings directly on to our clients. We won’t be undersold by any competitors capable of matching our services and craftsmanship.

One-Stop Shopping

If you are only replacing your old countertop, we are able to provide you a turn-key solution by providing new sinks and faucets, disconnecting and reconnecting your appliances, removing and disposing of your old countertop, and providing the necessary plumbing and electrical services.

If you are thinking about remodeling your entire kitchen and bath, we can refer you to our Premium Business Partners, including several kitchen and bath designers, as well as general contractors.

Insurance and Peace of Mind

We carry comprehensive liability insurance and workers compensation both at our facilities and installation sites. Should an accident ever happen during an installation, our insurance will cover, not yours. For your safety, all of our installers go through a mandatory criminal background check. Our Lifetime Warranty covers the workmanship and installation of our work as long as you own your home.

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