Varieties of Kitchen Sinks, Washington DC

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Kitchen sinks are definitely one of the most important component of any kitchen remodeling project. Kitchen sinks not only need to be aesthetically pleasing and give your kitchen an updated look, it must also be functional and meet your cooking and cleaning needs.

Kitchen sinks differ in type, size, material, shape, and design. A kitchen sink needs to be large in size so it can easily accommodate large bowls, pots, pans, and any other kitchen utensil that one might use to prepare food. The kitchen sink must also be able to withstand the abuse of everyday use. 




Types of Kitchen Sinks-

Under-mount stainless steel sink

Kitchen sinks could either be drop-in sink or an under-mount. As it implies, with the drop-in sink, the rim of the sink stays on the surface of the countertop, while an under-mount sink is mounted underneath the countertop, and the rims are not visible. With plastic-laminate (AKA Formica), the only choice is  a drop-in sink. While with the granite and quartz countertops, the sink could either be a drop-in, or an under-mount. However, under-mount sinks are the most popular sinks for the granite and quartz countertops, as they give the countertop a fresh, clean, updated look, as well as making your countertop cleaning much easier by directly wiping it to the sink, without the food particles getting caught in the rim of the drop-in sink. 




Kitchen Sink Designs-

Under-mount farm sink

Kitchen sinks come in numerous designs and shapes. However, they are either a regular under-mount sink or a farm sink, also known as an apron sink. Regular under-mount sinks are normally set back from the edge of the granite or quartz countertops by about 4″, while the farm or apron sinks, there is no set back and front of the sink actually covers where the fake drawer of the cabinet goes. Each of these two sinks require different type of cabinets, so please make sure to let your cabinet designer know, which sink you would like to use in your kitchen. The choice between the two design is a personal choice. Generally farm sinks are larger than the under-mount sinks, and they are certainly a popular choice these days for both traditional and contemporary homes. 



Kitchen Sink Materials-

There are many kitchen sink materials available in the market. The most popular sinks are stainless steel, Cast Iron, Fire Clay, and Composite sinks. 

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are a favorite but have had some  competition in the past few years. More consumers are considering  porcelain-coated cast iron, and composite sinks. These delightful additions are very popular with the contemporary look and the vintage kitchens.

Silestone Altair Suede Quartz Countertops

Silestone Altair Suede Quartz Countertops

Kitchen Sink Sizes-

Kitchen sinks come in different sizes, depth, and number of the bowls. The overall maximum width of the kitchen sink is limited to the size of your sink base cabinet. Generally a 30 inch wide sink, requires a 36 inch sink base cabinet. Sinks also comes on a single, double, and even triple bowl configuration. Use of single or double bowl is a personal choice, and how one intends to use the sink. These days many prefer a large single bowl, instead to two smaller bowls. Some manufacturers also offer a double bowl with a low divider in between, so making it more functional for washing larger pots and pans.

When considering to buy a new kitchen sink, remember to pay attention to the depth of the bowl. Depth of the kitchen sinks vary by model and manufacturer. Many kitchen sinks offer extra depth to make cleaning large bowls and pots easier. They are popular with consumers and chefs who do a lot of in-home entertaining. Generally, an 8 to 10 inch deep under-mount kitchen sink is a good choice for most consumers. 

If your kitchen is large enough to handle two sinks, this would be something to give serious consideration. Many sinks are available in a double or side-by-side configuration, but these can only be used by one person without being cramped. If you have two separate sinks in two different locations in a kitchen, two people can work independently without getting in each other’s way, which is an advantage.

Custom-made Kitchen Sinks-

Another option of kitchen sink is a custom-made stone sink from the same material as your countertops. These types of the sinks are very exquisite, and could be designed in any shape and depth.  Custom-made stone sinks tend to be more expensive than other types of the sinks.